Fraud Hunting Platform

Client-side fraud prevention and digital identity protection across sessions, platforms, and devices in real-time for online portals & mobile apps.

Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform architecture

Data analytics and management

Processing Hub

  • Unified interface
  • Cross-channel event analysis
  • Enrichment, correlation, and attribution
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Rule engine

Preventing threats

Preventive Proxy

Identifying and blocking bad bot activity

Detecting threats

Web Snippet

Collecting data on user behavior and environment in web channels

Mobile SDK

Collecting data on user behavior and environment in web channels

Protecting end-users of online & mobile banking, travel services, e-commerce, gaming & gambling portals, e-government, insurance services, and cryptocurrency projects.

Keep your business and customers secure from all online fraud risks


  • Detecting fraud, social engineering attacks, payment attacks, money laundering, phishing, cross-channel attacks, etc.
  • Blocking malicious bot activity.
  • Decreasing the number of false positives, removing extra authentication steps for a user.
  • Cutting business costs on risk protection practices.

Fraud Hunting Platform at a glance:

  • Detect payment fraud

Protect users against card-not-present fraud, account takeover, social engineering, and malware

  • Block bad bots

Stop all kinds of malicious bots, including those able to imitate human behavior

  • Uncover money laundering

Understand links between accounts and other entities to discover suspicious transactions.

  • Prevent loyalty fraud

Detect fraudulent activity with travel miles or online store bonus programs.

  • Unmask fraudsters

Discover threat actors’ infrastructure to establish their identities.

  • Protect APIs

Block unauthorized use of APIs by malicious bots.

  • Improve customer experience

Remove unnecessary security checks to provide a seamless user experience.

  • Decrease business expenses

Cut costs on fraud protection measures, such as transaction confirmations via call centers and messages.

  • Avoid unforeseen costs

Money spent on handling fake requests from bots (sending SMS messages to users, buying additional bandwidth).

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