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Why Supersecure SD-WAN

With the enterprise broadband access and Internet backbone network capacity increasing,SD-WAN provides a low-cost network solution based on existing circuits.

Traditional MPLS Private Network

For traditional enterprise, applications like email, file-sharing, OA are centralize deployed. The traditional private or MPLS circuit has many limitations: complex deployment, expensive CAPEX/OPEX, and lack of flexibility.

Typically, branch offices that locates in different countries connect to headquarter’s data center through the private or MPLS circuit, the architecture is shown below :

All these limitations can be overcome by SD-WAN solution


SD-WAN employs the control/date plane segregation, centralized management and other SDN conceptions. It helps company to fast deploy WAN network across the world with an easy operation center.

Why Supersecure SD-WAN?

We build advanced, stable, high speed, low latency WAN network to help
enterprise users focus on their core business.

Plug & Play

Edge connector with Plug & Play solutions
All the configuration is completed by the OBC cloud controller without any on-site integration

Agile & Lean deployment

Fast deployment of Agile & Lean Zero IT knowledge requirement for customer side
Support Layer 2/3 connection, no modification to customer's current network topology

Global coverage

The Supersecure solutions can be deployed wherever there is Internet access

On-Demand Paid with OPEX Mode

Cost-efficient for customers
Hardware and software free of charge
Customer only need to pay for subscription fee

Secure Data Channel

AES256 encryption is deployed by Supersecure to ensure the security of customer data

Hardware Lifetime Warranty

OBC commits to offer 99.9% availability and free replacement for all hardware

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