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Internet Access Management

Way More Than A Secure Web Gateway

1. Effectively prevents staff from engaging in non-work related activities.
2. Maximizes the bandwidth usage.
3. Minimizes data leakage and regulatory risks and protects intranet data security.
4. Visual management and comprehensive control of wireless APs.
5. Full Visibility & Traffic Management
6. Regular security updates on latest apps and services

With rapidly evolving IT landscape with more and more connected application and technologies giving competitive advantage and ease of doing business, on the other hand providing controlled and secure access to Internet resources to the staff is becoming a prime concern for the organization due to the potential risk associated with the uncontrolled or inadequate exposure to the internet.

The organizations having refined security policies requires a combination of the right technology to effectively implement those policies and ensure secure and controlled access to the internet.

IAM is a superior internet access control solution, which consists of professional internet bandwidth management, granular application control, URL filter, traffic control, information control, illegal hotspot/proxy control, behavior analysis, wireless network management, and many more features. This solution can truly help organizations achieve Unified Internet Behaviour Management of all clients in the entire network.

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